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Bump Maps Techniques!

Hey Peeps, its been awhile, I’ve taken a break from work for awhile and i decided to read up on articles, and one of it hit me, BUMP MAPS.

I haven’t actually used bump maps, but I’m getting the understanding. I used to know the concept of it, but diving down and knowing how it works exactly, that’s a different ball game!.

Ogre supports Bump map, same as irrlicht, lots of game engines support bump maps.

In a nutshell Bump maps makes games really cool and all, without making our PC’s choke.
The concept is simple, use a texture that defines how light bounces off an object!
One good example would be a ball
Ball Without Bump map
Now we apply the depth texture ( Or called a bump map )
Bump Map
Then we apply it to the little ball

This are all done before the lighting calculations happen, so by the time you render the frame, the object looks like it has depth, but in actuality it’s still that little simple geom.

Here are few different techniques conceptually similar to bump mapping used in games
1.Texture Mapping ( OLD SCHOOL using U V Coordinates)
2.Normal Mapping ( Why normal?, cause normal is the term used to tell how light reflects of an object)
3 Parallax Mapping ( A better version of normal mapping and Bump Mapping )

Game engines like cry engine and the unreal engine use parallax mapping, its the standard now.

Another point about bump mapping is that, they are handled by shaders ( the pixel shader in this case ).
( Shaders are handled by our GPU, not our CPU ), so there is a good load off your CPU processing.

There is a difference between vertex displacment, and bump mapping, vertex displacments, means the actual mesh ( 3d object ) is modified (thus possibly handled by the vertex shader ), and bump map doesn’t modify the object at all, just cheats you into thinking that it looks like it.

Here’s a link ( WE LOVE WIKI ) There a pics to show you the before and after of Bump mapping

Cheerios peeps,
p.s I so want to do OGRE3D again


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